Life Disconnected

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Writing about anxiety, talking with other bloggers, and being a part of a community was a large part of my life for about a year. I was able to meet fantastic people from so many different walks of life. Then I moved to the middle of nowhere. No Internet access. No blog, no Twitter, no more interaction with the many… Read more »

My Safe Place

Josh H   January 25, 2016   3 Comments on My Safe Place

Tomorrow gives What today gave away A failure erased A choice not chosen Submit to sleep Give in, recharge, repeat ————————————————————————————- Come now dawn Be here now Unite chance and perhaps Arise to clarity Decide who you are ————————————————————————————- Climb from solitude Walk to the door Look around Welcome the strangers Listen to their sounds ————————————————————————————- You refused to run… Read more »

Why We Refuse To Quit Writing


This post is inspired by Jennifer Garam’s piece called –  How To Keep Writing When No One Gives A Shit The title of her post absolutely hits home with many writers I’ve talked to. The land of amateur writers is crowded. Everyone pours their heart into a topic and then they share it like crazy trying to get as many people… Read more »

My eBook Preview

Josh H   January 17, 2016   12 Comments on My eBook Preview

I have spent the past couple of months editing, proofreading, and delaying the release of my first ever eBook. After heaps of encouragement from family, friends, and fellow bloggers, I’ve finally set a sale date, January 31st. I wanted to make it dirt cheap, but for some reason, the lowest price I can sell it for is $2.99. I hate… Read more »

Loving More Than Your Relationship

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Yesterday was just another day. My wife and I ate something, shared a few bits of conversation, and then we went to bed. Well, she went to bed. I stayed up due to the overwhelming gravitational pull of the Internet. So, our night was nothing special, and I’m assuming that is a typical day for most married couples. There are… Read more »

A Different Kind of Anxiety

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Can’t sleeepppp. Christmas anxiety in full swing…. #insomnia #anxiety #Christmas — December 24, 2015 Absolutely DESPISE eyebrow threading. #anxiety —  December 24, 2015 The people who sent out these Tweets are more than allowed to use the hashtag #anxiety. That is not the point of this post. Anxiety can be experienced in many different forms. The purpose of this post is… Read more »

Unfollowed – Content Without Conversation

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As I gallop through my Twitter timeline, I’m met with engaging headlines, high-quality photographs, and topics that pull me in immediately. Of course, I’ve customized my Twitter to be full of people pushing out content that I am interested in. There are the anxiety and depression healers, the “click here for more tips on….” users, and people who have mastered… Read more »

How Facebook Impacts Self-Esteem – A Farewell Letter


Welcome to Facebook!  (WARNING! This is a long post) That was the first thing I saw when I decided to rejoin the Facebook community. I was excited because I was going to use Facebook as a tool to spread a message rather than a place to stalk friends and strangers. My self-esteem was not in need of a boost, so… Read more »

It Takes Two To Listen

Josh H   November 16, 2015   8 Comments on It Takes Two To Listen
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I’m guilty. I don’t listen. Well, I listen, but not without speaking after I’m done hearing what you have to say. If I have even the slightest inclination that I may have an answer I will say it. Hooray for immediate feedback!   I never used to be that way. Even back in high school, I would remain silent in… Read more »

You Have My Attention – A Poem To My Anxiety

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  When you screamed I listened When you needed me I was always there You told me I would die You knew I wouldn’t fight back We danced for years To music only I could hear I hid, I ran, I cowered You always knew how to find me The gift you gave was fear And the fear made you… Read more »